Janica Southwick

Co-Founder & CEO

Over the past 20 years, Janica Southwick has operated as a presenter, celebrity and executive coach in Japan and international markets; she gained firm and fierce recognition for her passion to push excellence in her chosen field of specialism, which is to help senior executives and the women to improve their public image, be a confidence giver, and inspire people to care.

She is a personal coach to many of Japan’s top celebrities, talents, artists, and is currently serving many Nikkei’s top executives when they have to present themselves to millions of people on media and on the global stage. Many of her clients have graced global stages such as the infamous World Economic Forum, G7, Consumer Electronics Show, etc., with absolute confidence, which is true testament of her long years of executive coaching and support.

Her top corporate senior executive clients include NEC, Fuji Xerox, GSK, Fukuyama Transporting, CASIO, Google, Government Officials, Fujitsu, NHK, JAF, etc. On the other hand, her celebrity clients span very widely where she has served many as a confidence, vocal, and image transformation coach, helping these top Japanese artists to gain millions of international fans through her work.

Of note, she loves flying and she is probably one of the very few women that have graced Air Force One with presidential and ministerial candidates on many successful diplomatic missions.

As a mother of three, she balances her day with poise and is an avid publisher of books and has more than many loyal fans on her follower list, which includes an accolade in being one of the top 20 bloggers on Ameba. In the coming months, her long awaited book called “Beauty and Confidence from the Inside Out”, which is on topic for women empowerment, will be available in bookstores soon.